Safal Krishna Shrestha

I had a keen interest in computers since my childhood. I remember days when I used to play games like Sky Road and Mario when I first got my hands on a computer in Grade 1 of schooling; working to improve my typing skills using Typing Tutor and learning Microsoft Excel in a Windows 98 PC. Fast forward a couple of decades, I am a Full Stack Software Engineer working in a Web Tech space and learning new things everyday and adapting in the every changing world of technology.

Professional Roles:

  1. Currently working as a Full Stack Developer at Mediahuis Ireland
  2. Former Project Manager/Software Engineer at Loyalty 2 Charity International, an Enterprise Ireland supported startup.
  3. Former Software Engineer at Neptix IT Solution, a software house supporting SMEs.
  4. Former founder, a fully automated powerful online ordering platform.
July 2021
April 2021
December 2019

Year of Birth: 1990

Originally from: Nepal

Current Location: Dublin, Ireland (Since 2009)

Love: Music, Travel, Hardware, Computers, Technology.

Blog Posts:

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The noblest art is that of making others happy – P.T Barnum